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TATA GROUP, privately owned conglomerate of nearly 100 companies,having several businesses sectors i.e.,chemicals, consumer products ,energy, services, information technology and what not, from pin to car they are providing everything. Tata group was incorporated in 1868 by an entrepreneur and the biggest philanthropist world had witnessed MR.JAMSHEDJI TATA, he is the man behind this biggest empire. He is the man for which words will be fall short as the contribution made by him for the society is incredible and impossible to measure.

The most successful and innovate entrepreneur and a philanthropist too.
Jamshedji tata founder of tata group of companies

Tata group has been in the market for nearly 151 years , no other company in India rather in world had been so consistent till now. Tata group have 100 of subsidiaries and most of them are very successful and has a major contribution to country’s GDP.

List of some of the companies having the major contribution and revenue growth are:

Ratanji tata, one of the biggest business tycoon
Remarkable personality with his work and social responsibility.

Tata group was headed by RATANJI TATA, one of the finest business tycoon, philanthropist, always think about employee welfare, society welfare, for him country came first, once in an interview he was asked that what is the difference between AMBANI’S AND TATA’S, he gave a subtle answer that AMBANI’S are businessman whereas the TATA’S are industralist. Hence we can say a company which was headed and now directed by such a benevolent personalities has no doubt of having major growth opportunities and is going to dominate for many coming years.

Now we had discussed about the image, history of the company, now its time to review that what this company provide to the investors, ultimately they are the only person who will invest their money in the companies so its time to discuss the most interesting part of our blog i.e., INVESTOR’S CORNER

Tata group has been providing enormous returns to its shareholders from decades and i suppose this is the only company who has been so consistent in providing incredible returns to its shareholders, In my view investors can invest in subsidiaries like TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, TATA STEEL, TATA MOTORS, these are the companies which had been proven to be the most successful for the tata group.

Investors can put their money with calculated risk into these shares and can expect higher returns in future, what makes me so confident about these shares performances, facts which make me so relaxed to invest in these shares are :

  • Company’s dominant position from the last 150 years which is incredible,no chance to actually compare with its peers.
  • Brains that are working behind these companies i.e., RATAN TATA, NATRAJAN CHANDRESEKAR, these names are enough to know the top management of the company.
  • Compounded annual growth of the company (CAGR) has been regularly tremendous .
  • Strong back support determines the risk taking power and loss bearing, hence the shares at the time of recession and depression has the chance to recover itself.
  • Dividends are being provided by the company on regular basis which ultimately increases the confidence and loyalty of shareholders towards the company.

Now we’ll discuss about share price, their scope, and future prospect for investors. Tata, as we had discussed has many subsidiaries so we’ll discuss about them individually. I hope you will get to learn interesting things that you had never heard, so let’s discuss:


TCS, the biggest IT company in India having a market capitalisation of Rs,7 trillion, first company in India to achieve this milestone, TCS has the largest contribution in country’s service sector which is around 52.5% of total service sector revenue. The company is growing at a rapid pace and have major potential growth in future as well.

The current share price of TCS is around Rs.2100 which you can witness has been move upwards in very short period of time, and by seeing the financial , revenue and growth prospective of the company it is believed that the share price will going to new highs in future.

So the call for investors would be to keep investing in this share for long period of time and you will going to get good returns from it, one more point i want to add is the peer comparison that is quite necessary when we are talking about the fundamentals of the company, company have peers like Infosys, wipro which are also doing great in their segment which shows that this segment has major potential of growth in the market.

TCS, the biggest IT company having market capitalisation of Rs.7 trillion


  • Tata steel, a major steel producer in the country headquartered in Mumbai.
  • It is one of the top steel producing companies globally and the second largest steel company in India with an annual capacity of 13 million tonnes.
  • It operates in 26 countries with key operations in India, United kingdom, Netherlands and employee around 81000 employee which is an remarkable figure.
  • Company have its dominant position in steel market segment
  • It serves as one of the major revenue producing company in Tata.

What is their for investors in Tata steel?

Tata steel share is usually considered as a highly volatile share thus giving shareholders chance to make profits, and for investors it is suggested that if you have patience and can control your emotions then only you should invest otherwise this share at times can taste you bitter.

Why so uncertain about Tata steel?

Personally i feel tata steel is most suitable for traders because the volatility which this share provides is really high and one major reason is the steel market in India, in the off season steel demands dips at rapid pace and at that time this share can resist according to market conditions and you can see a major downfall in this share.

So for investors and traders the advice would be to be careful and take calculated risk.

TATA STEEL -One of the biggest steel producing company in world
Tata steel is the second largest steel producing company in India


Tata motors is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai. Its products include car, trucks, buses, sports car, coaches, and military vehicles.

Brands like JAGUAR, LANDROVER are under tata motors as they had purchased this from FORD COMPANY . Tata motors has also unveiled the electric version of the Tata indica passenger car, this implies that the company is highly aware and ready to take up the challenges.


Investors may look to Tata motors share price to be lucrative and fascinating.,due to low growth rate in automobile sector the share price of tata motors is at its all time low so it is an golden opportunity for the investors to invest for long time and get the higher returns.

Tata motors having prime and dominant position in the market has the major potential growth in the automobile sector and has the capacity to outperform in future.

TATA MOTORS- One of the finest automobile industry in India
Tata Motors is the biggest automobile industry in India which produces car, trucks,buses,etc

So my suggestion for the investors and traders is to look at TATA MOTORS only for long period of time, then only you can yield something out of it.

These 3 shares are my best picks for you from where you can earn good amount of profit, only if played carefully, so keep investing and keep updated for all the market updates on our page.

Thank you to read my blog, I hope you learn something out of it, THANK YOU and have a NICE DAY!

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