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IDEA VODAFONE, one of india’s largest telecommunication company having millions of customers, Earlier both the companies idea and vodafone have different market share but due to the revolution of telecommunication by JIO, these two companies decided for a joint venture to compete with JIO.

To be honest after coming of jio in telecommunication business the fundamentals and outlook of other companies in this segment had been imbalanced and vodadone and idea are one of them. Having said that only 3 major companies are operating in this segment where the user base is approximately near 115 crore is really incredible, but this is not that easy as the competition among these 3 companies is really very high in which jio has outperformed and left behind its competitors very far away.

But that doesn’t mean that jio can solely serve 115 crore of people so there is a great opportunity for idea vodafone to recover themselves and have a chance to regain their market share, Idea vodafone has the best towers available after tie up with INDUS TOWERS, largest tower operating company, so idea vodafone has really a glorious opportunity to grow in this market and as per their CEO,MR.BALESH SHARMA , company is working really hard on their USP’s and he is confident that the hard work and energy they are working with will grow their company in future and to my opinion as well it is not that far to see vodafone idea back on the track.

The competitve edge for companies like idea vodafone, bharti airtel is that they are particularly working in one segment whereas according to reliance AGM it is stated that jio will be trying itself in other segments as well that indicates that there might be a possibility that jio to some extent will diversify its major functioning to other segments that can prove to be beneficial for the other companies to fill up the gaps once again but that will not be too easy.

Now we should discuss WHAT INVESTORS SHOULD DO?

It might be a possibility that my views can differ with most of the readers but these views are according to my research and understandibility of market , so lets discuss:

Currently the share price is approximately around 5, which makes this script very fascinating for investors to buy, and that is not at all wrong in that, i would like to suggest both the investors and traders to enter in these levels and just consider these shares to be scrap, as we all have scraps in our house and to all means we know this scrap is not at all of any worth but then also we keeps it at our home so as this with share , keep this intent with this share as well just consider it as scrap and just forget after buying this share, i dont want your money to be wasted but beleive me neither you nor me knows the exact future of this share but i can suggest you that if this share performs well then the small amount that you have invested will be giving you incredible and mind boggling returns.


  • Strong and dominant position in market share
  • Connectivity with the best towers like indus
  • Strong fundamentals of the company
  • Owners and stakeholders having supreme confidence in their company
  • Net worth of the company
  • Not huge debts till now gives more space and can take calculated risk

So these are some factors which are really fascinating me to invest in this share.

So in the end of this article i would like to say that the person who have risk taking power and have patience , can see his/her amount to be fully vanished, yes i am serious if you ready to take up loss then only you should invest your hard earned money otherwise leave this share you have so much other shares to invest and earn handsome profits.

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