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Reliance Industries is the India’s largest private sector company on all major financial parameters and areas. Reliance industries ltd (RIL) became the first Indian private company which had been listed in Fortune 500 list. Reliance is a massive company which has its major functioning all over India, having a major role in country’s economic growth and provides a major share in country’s GDP.

Dhirubhai ambani, the founder of Reliance industries
The man behind the massive Reliance empire.

Reliance was founded by MR.DIRUBHAI AMBANI, he is someone who doesn’t need any introduction because the kind of work, growth and respect he had earned in his life in a very short span of time is incredible. Mr.Dirubhai ambani has incorporated Reliance in the year 1985, and started it from a very small textile manufacturing company and then what this company has achieved we know very well.

Reliance has its major business in Petrochemical , Petroleum refining and marketing, retail and telecommunication and many more segment but these are some of the best performing area for the Reliance industries over the period of time.

Reliance major subsidiaries and associates that we must know:

  • RELIANCE RETAIL: It is the retail wing of reliance industries and has more than 1500 stores in India.They are the biggest retail chain in India. Reliance fresh, Reliance Footprint, Reliance digital, Reliance Trends , Reliance Footprint , etc are some of the subsidiaries of reliance retail and reliance earn good revenue from this segment.
  • RELIANCE JIO: Jio is the telecommunication segment of reliance which has created a revolution in market from the last 2 years and has been a sole king of the market, Jio has wiped out its competitors in no time and has provided services of internet and call in very cheaper rates, thus in no time Jio has became the largest customer base in India and the highest revenue generating company in telecom sector.
  • NETWORK 18: There is no place where Reliance hasn’t put their hands so as the interest of Reliance in mass media company, It has interests in television, digital platforms, publication, mobile apps, and films .
  • RELIANCE LOGISTICS: It is a single window company selling transportation, distribution and warehousing facilities . It provides services to Reliance group companies and outsiders too and from this it generates good revenue income.
  • RELIANCE INSTITUTE OF LIFE SCIENCES: It was established by the founder of the company Mr.dirubhai ambani to provide higher education in various fields of life sciences and related technologies.

There are many more subsidiaries of Reliance but the above mentioned segments are the top revenue generating and vital one for the overall and massive success of Reliance industries.

Reliance Industries chairman and MD is MR.MUKESH AMBANI , biggest business tycoon in country, Philanthropist, a kind gentlemen, and he is the one who is carrying the legacy of Reliance industries. Mukesh ambani is the richest man in Asia with the highest net worth of 4900 crore USD which is far much higher than its competitors. He has three children who contributes equally in the success of Reliance Industries., and his wife Mrs.Neeta ambani who has been his constant support help her in his business.

Mukesh ambani with his wife and 3 children in Reliance annual general meeting
Mukesh ambani with his wife and children in Reliance annual general meeting.


The company’s equity shares are listed both on NSE AND BSE. Company has been proved to be very successful for investors from the time of its Ipo opening.

From the time of its IPO opening and till now the investors wealth have been increased by nearly 16 times which is remarkable and gains the trust of investors and Reliance has been successful in keeping the faith of his investors even at low time. Company has provided regular dividends to shareholders and the way the business is diversifying regularly actually makes this company very lucrative and fascinating for investors.

Investors can look to invest in Reliance shares for long period and can expect good returns because the way company is performing is really noteworthy, points which will make investors curious to invest in this company are:

  • Reliance has its dominant position in the segments they are working in.
  • Financial growth and stability can be regular witnessed in the company
  • Strong financial reports and major business models are looking to be very lucrative in this market
  • Goodwill of the company plays a very important role and how ambani’s have carried their reputation has been phenomenal.
  • Strong financial background and backup ensures survival at bad times
  • Asset valuation is really high

These are all the factors which will engage investors to have a eye on this company and its share price.

So in conclusion i would like to say, Reliance is the king of the market and investors can take calculated risk and can invest their amount in order to take good returns from the company.

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